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Subsidised Transport Cuts

posted 4 Jul 2015, 12:54 by Dan Fearnley
It's starting already, even before Osborne's budget. I suppose many of us know someone, perhaps elderly, perhaps frail, who lives in one of the villages in the County and relies on a rural bus route. Well, the County Council wants to cut those subsidised routes and the Dial-a-Ride service that so many vulnerable and disabled people rely on. "Some" bus passengers and all Dial-a-Ride users are expected to be affected.

This is the consultation in which the Council justifies its proposals. It lists consultation meetings across the county.

Mon 6 July in Banbury Town Hall, Banbury - 10.30am-12.00pm
Mon 6 July in Didcot Civic Hall, Didcot - 16.00pm-17.30pm
Tues 7 July in Witney Methodist Church, Witney - 10.30am-12.00pm
Weds 8 July in Abingdon Guildhall, Abingdon - 16.00pm-17.30pm
Weds 8 July in OCC County Hall, Oxford - 19.00pm-20.30pm

We need volunteers to attend these meetings and not let this go unchallenged. We need to ask hard, knowledgeable questions about what impact this will have, and I'd also like to ask for suggested questions to be added to a list to be distributed to our volunteers. Please let us know if you will be attending.

If you have firsthand knowledge of the impact this will have, please consider sending a submission to the consultation.

Oxfordshire Rural Community Council (ORCC) will be the facilitators at these meetings, and we ask that you remember that they are not the enemy. In fact, if we can present strong, sensible rebuttals to these proposals, we may gain their support.

We have heard that these are the same cuts that were put on this year's budget and never made -- postponed until after the election!