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OPA protested Osborne's Dodgy Budget, 8th July 2015

posted 9 Jul 2015, 10:57 by Dan Fearnley   [ updated 9 Jul 2015, 11:04 ]
We held a protest against Osborne's post-election emergency budget at 6pm on Wednesday the 8th of July 2015.  Despite the time, we drew about 60 motivated people, who made a good atmosphere for the demo.  Some were experienced campaigners, others were getting involved in politics for the first time.

The topics ranged from the general threat of the budget to specific attacks.  Speakers talked about the attacks on low-wage public sector workers in the Carilion dispute, the deprivation of education by removing maintenance grants, the cuts that leave disabled people barely able to survive, the continuing threats to children's centres, the desperate housing situation in Oxford and more.

After the rally, we marched to County Hall, where nervous county staff tried to keep us (or at least the young people) from attending the subsidised transport cuts consultation meeting.  But after a discussion everyone was allowed to attend, and I think our group made a positive impression with their participation, while reminding the county that there are many more people out there becoming angry enough to mobilise.

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