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National Demonstration to save the NHS, 29th September

posted 26 Jul 2013, 16:45 by Dan Fearnley   [ updated 29 Jul 2013, 06:58 ]
Leaflet 29th September March to Save the NHS in ManchesterThe sell off of UK plasma services to a US Equity corporation shows how the Tories are turning the NHS into a commodity to be bought, sold and run for profit.   Driving the profit motive into the heart of the NHS is part of the Tories' plan to destroy the NHS. 
The scale of the planned sell-off was evident on the front page of Saturday's Guardian, with £1 billion of NHS services in Cambridgeshire being put out to tender, with local NHS Trusts not being thought to have the in-house expertise to win the contract from companies like Virgin, G4S and Serco who are hell-bent on siphoning off NHS funds for profit.  We can expect the new Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to put local services out to tender in the near future, with private companies looking to take over essential NHS services.
Rather than stop the privatisation process that is the source of the crisis in the NHS the Tories are speeding up the sell off to companies hungry to profit from the NHS.  Time and again privatisation has been shown to be damaging to NHS services as funds are diverted away from patient care to escalating administration costs and to lining the pockets of fat cats and bankers.

Cash strapped hospitals are running with too few staff as they struggle to make ends meet - yet the Tories want more cuts.  

There are just 8 weeks to build a mass turnout to the national demonstration to save our NHS.  We have a mass of leaflets and posters to get out to let people know about the march and about the Tories' plans to destroy the NHS.  Evreyone who wants the NHS to be there for them in the future needs to be there for the NHS today.
National demonstration to defend the NHS
Sept 29 - Manchester - backed by UNISON, UNITE, GMB and the TUC.
Free transport for UNISON Health branch members and their families. £5 all others (if you are in a union or other organisation they will be contacted to see if there is free tranport or subsidy to cover the £5)
What you can do to help make this event a success for the NHS:
  • Book your seat on the transport to the national demonstration click here to book your seat. or ring 07896687454 - bring your friends and family along - it is their NHS too.
  • Send us your orders for materials to display in your workplace and local shops, libraries and community centres (please specify amount of leaflets and posters and where to send them too).
  • Mail back if you can spare an hour to campaign for your NHS click here to volunteer
  • Promote the face book event -click here to visit the facebook event (you will need to be signed up to facebook)