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Bonfire of Austerity

posted 1 Nov 2013, 01:29 by Dan Fearnley

Bonfire of Austerity
5th November 2013
Oxford People’s Assembly

9.30 am               Lobby County Council

11 am                  Austerity on Trial:
Bonn Square

12 am                  Probation officers’
strike begins
St Aldate’s

5.30 pm              Bonfire of Austerity:
Bonn Square

6.30 pm              Where next?      Town Hall


On Tuesday 5th November there will be protests against austerity in towns and cities across the country.

This will also be the day Oxfordshire County Council is meeting. It is currently planning a further £60 million of budget cuts. This is on top of £201 million cuts already made or planned to services and jobs.

They let slip that they may close 37 of the county’s 44 children’s centres before they had started their “consultation” sessions around the county. Nothing is out of the firing line, whether that’s free school transport, children’s services or adult social care. Oxfordshire people have made it clear we don’t want to see any cuts, but the leaders of the council aren’t listening. So let’s make them listen.

Join us for a day of action, starting with a protest against the cuts before the meeting at County Hall at 9.30 am, followed by a mock trial of austerity politicians, from David Cameron to council leader Ian Hudspeth at 11 am. Or join us for a “bonfire” and meeting later on.

Come and join in!